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At SCP Photo Restoration, we know that photos are an link to your family’s past. We'll repair & restore your aged, faded, damaged, or blemished photos & make your photos look better than ever! 

You'll start with a free consultation where we'll closely inspecting your original photo or high resolution scan to ensure restoration capability. We remove stains, creases, scratches or marks that don’t belong, enhance lost details and contrast, and can even mend portions of ripped photos! Finally, we'll return your fully restored photos via email and return your originals. If there are any further change requests, one free revision is included with every photo restoration!

Contact us today for a free consultation!

Refocus & Resize

One of the most frustrating things about old style film cameras was discovering you blurred that once in a lifetime shot or didn't get enough image to allow it to be framed. SCP Photo Restoration can re-focus many pictures and even add background details allowing you to finally own that perfect picture in a size you can place in a standard frame!

SCP Photo Restoration Example 1
SCP Photo Restoration Example 2

Digitally Mend & Restore Ripped Photos

SCP Photo Restoration can restore those precious memories and the best part is that the photo will now be digital which means that your repaired and preserved image can be stored on your computer, reprinted any time, and best of all, shared with the entire family!

Adjust Faded & Overexposed Photos

Most faded or overexposed images can be brought back to life. As long as there's some detail, we've got something to work with. That means there's hope!

SCP Photo Restoration Example 3

Looking for Something SPECIAL?

If you're looking for a unique, special, and one of a kind gift, look no further! We'll take your photo and work with you to create a customized and imaginative magazine cover featuring your special grad or loved one! 

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